Welcome to JetBlue’s Travel Bank system!

Travel Bank is an online account that allows you to manage your credits with JetBlue. It replaces the vouchers and credit shells that you may have been familiar with. Anyone who has received a credit from a JetBlue flight should have also received an email with login details in order to access their credit in Travel Bank. TrueBlue members who have received a credit may use their TrueBlue username and password to access their account.

For TrueBlue members, Travel Bank will only manage JetBlue credits; points will still be managed as part of the TrueBlue account.

Blue Inc. administrators can log in and view all Travel Bank activity for the company.

Some of the benefits of the new Travel Bank system are:

  • Compensation and refund credits are combined for a lump sum balance that is easy to manage.
  • Travel Bank funds can be used online with or without a TrueBlue account.
  • Only one account number is needed to use and track all of your JetBlue credits.

  • We are very excited about the Travel Bank system and the convenience it will provide to our customers!